web development

Want to build a successful web app?
Then it's time to Get Real.
Getting Real is a smaller, faster, better way to build software.

The above quote is from the book Getting Real, which is an excellent guide for doing web development.

My specialty is agile web development using Ruby on Rails, but I also have many years of
experience developing with several programming languages and databases.
A combination of best practices and my experience guarantees a result that you will be proud to call your own.


  • osDiscover

    osDiscover is a Rails 3.0.9 app that interfaces with OpenVAS servers using the OpenVAS Protocol Documentation (OMP 2.0 and OAP 1.0).
    A screen shot and the code is available on Github
    Gems used: Devise for user authentication and Nokogiri for XML processing

  • github example

    How to make the jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget play nice with the jqGrid plugin   see github

  • craigslist/odesk rss watcher

    A Rails 3 application on Heroku which displays interesting job opportunities.
    After logging in, the application can be used to configure RSS feeds and query strings to be processed by a rake task.
    The rake task is a cron job that executes daily to update the database with jobs.
    The RSS feeds are processed using EventMachine and EM-HTTP-Request to provide scalable non-blocking I/O, i.e. it is fast.
    Gems used: feed-normalizer, simple-rss, eventmachine, em-http-request

  • ZeeStreet

    A staged version of the ZeeStreet Ruby on Rails app. ZeeStreet focuses on recycling items within neighborhoods (hyper-local).
    It is similar to craigslist but with the user's items geocoded based on their address or nearby cross streets.
    Geocoding allows users to search for items within a certain distance of their home.
    For initial neighborhoods a rake task can be used to scrape postings from craigslist and seed the database.
    Plugins/gems used: restful_authentication, geokit, attachment_fu, friendly_id, hpricot

  • community building institute

    An example of a content management system built using Ruby on Rails and radiant